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this is still happening in 2014 


this is still happening in 2014 

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uncle phil does not play

Word to Uncle Phil

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This simply can’t be for real.
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thank u dad
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He’s just some guy who randomly showed up one day that became friends with Wario. That makes it even better. Nobody knows where Waluigi came from. He just exists.

whats even better is that Waluigi’s first appearance was in Mario Tennis, meaning that the only reason he showed up in the first place was because he wanted to play tennis with people. nobody had ever heard of him before and he just shows up to play tennis

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Hyperland is 50 minutes of Douglas Adams dreaming about interactive multimedia, hypertext, and cyberspace, showcasing the contemporary state of relevant technologies (a rudimentary VR headset developed at NASA, for instance!).

It (1990) precedes:

  • the World Wide Web (1991) by a year
  • NCSA Mosaic (1993) by two and a half years
  • the Microsoft Office Assistant (1997) by seven years
  • Google (1998) by eight years
  • BBC Red Button (1999) by nine years
  • Second Life (2003) by 13 years
  • the Oculus Rift (wide release set for 2015?) by a lot

so it could really only feel its way very vaguely towards the general direction of extremely exciting near-future developments in sight. But, even though Hyperland's vision for interactive multimedia feels more like a stack of HyperCards rather than a full-fledged HTML5 website, it’s still very interesting in retrospect. Tom Baker plays co-host, basically taking on the role of that infernal Microsoft Office paper clip.

Take an hour to watch it if you have nothing better to do. Here you go.

Douglas Adams knew all. I only wish he were here today to comment on where technology is headed now. He would be so excited about it. Also in this video, Tom Baker in various ridiculous costumes.

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